5 Things Your Wife Wishes You Did More Often by Dr. Kurt Smith


The saying is happy wife, happy life for a reason.

Do you ever wonder how you can make your wife happier? What are some things you can do to gain favor and add joy to your relationship?

Wives will often clue us into the things they want us to do or ask us for favors, such as helping out with housework, but sometimes they want you to just know what they want you to do without them having to say it. Yes, this can be a bit unrealistic and unfair, but it also is a way to show you love her by knowing her wants and needs.

Here are five things your wife probably wishes you did more often. Do these things, without her having to ask you, and you can live the ‘happy wife, happy life’ mantra.

1. Fix things

Do you know that broken curtain rod or leaky faucet that’s been in need of repair for some time now? She doesn’t want to ask you about it every weekend or force your hand to fix it, but she probably hasn’t forgotten about it either. Take the time this weekend and make the repair. If it’s out of your wheelhouse, then hire someone to come out and take care of it. She will be glad it is done and be happy with you as this can be one thing she can take off her mental checklist.

2. Prepare dinner


Instead of asking “what’s for dinner?” every night, take matters into your own hands and make dinner for the family on one of her, especially hectic weeknights. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or over the top. She’ll appreciate not having to think about having to take care of it.

3. Plan surprise dates


Your wife probably has a plethora of ideas in her head about fun date ideas she’d like to do with you. Perhaps these even come up in conversation now and then without you even realizing. Next time she mentions a new restaurant or movie her friends went to, take note. Then, plan a date to one of those places and surprise her. You can score extra points by prearranging childcare, so she can just enjoy the night.

4. Open up

Women often feel like they have to ask and prod in order to get a man talking. Without her having to ask you too many questions, work on your communication skills and share how you are feeling about a particular situation. If you’re thinking about switching jobs, tell her your reservations and fears. If you’re expecting another child, share your excitement and anxieties with her. Your wife wants to know how you are feeling about situations, but she doesn’t always want to have to pry it out of you.

5. Tell her why you love her

She may know you love her, but sometimes insecurities can get the best of us and we can all use a little reminder, including your wife. Tell her she’s doing a great job—at work, with the kids, at home—whatever it is that her day-to-day responsibilities are. Let her know what you appreciate about her or are thankful for in your life together. Remind her why you fell in love with her and continue to be in love with her on a daily basis.

Doing these things without your wife having to ask or remind you will bring a smile to her face. You will also get more love and respect from her in return. Some things can be done on a regular basis and will only take a couple of minutes out of your day. Others may require more planning and time, but they all will pay large dividends for your marriage.