22 deaths in two weeks as Covid-19 cases soar in Ghana


Ghana’s coronavirus death rate seems to have risen sharply in recent weeks.

From the periodic statistics given by the Disease Surveillance Department of the Ghana Health Service (GHS), the deaths have risen from 799 as at Sunday, July 11 to 821 as at Sunday, July 25.

And with the cases not commensurate with the current date, more deaths may have been recorded.

Indeed, the latest case count are for data collated as of Wednesday, July 21.

The rise in deaths as well as infections has been attributed to the new variant of the virus, Delta, which is said to spread faster and kill easily.

According to the Noguchi Memorial Institute of Medical Research (NMIMR), the new variant takes longer than normal to clear.

“It has been observed that the positive individuals are taking longer to clear the virus,” a report from the Institute’s Response Team said on Saturday, July 24.

So far, 101,170 Covid-19 cases have been recorded since the virus hit the country in 2020.

About 96,255 have recovered or been discharged while 821 have died.

The country currently has 4,094 patients in admission at various treatment centres. Twenty-six are in severe conditions with 15 in critical conditions.

Source: 3news.com

Ah well, we are at danger much as we are all responsible for collectively fighting the virus. 22 deaths in two weeks I think is the highest death recorded so far since the beginning of covid. Some people still think it’s a joke out here

Measures should be put in place and everyone should be forced to adhere to it , the freedom we have now is making us assume the virus doesn’t exist because as at now 70% of Ghanaians have stopped wearing thier mask and a few that does are being condemned by other Ghanaians.

We should be expecting another lockdown soon if the scenario continues. Covid protocols are no longer being adhered to by public. So why won’t we die like chicken infested with bird flu?