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2022 World Cup Final Qualifiers

2022 world cup final Qualifiers

Egypt :egypt: vrs Senegal :senegal:

Cameroon :cameroon: vrs Algeria :algeria:

Ghana :ghana: vrs Nigeria :nigeria:

Dr Congo :congo_kinshasa: vrs Morocco :morocco:

Mali :mali: vrs Tunisia :tunisia:

Do you think Ghana stands the chance to qualify considering our current form? Which other teams do you think will go through?

This is my prediction:


Ghana di3 beans kraaa. Forget.

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A wounded lion is the most dangerous. Ghana will put Nigeria down.

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I love your predictions but Ghana versus Nigeria is a Derby and sometimes form doesn’t count. The last time Nigeria scored Ghana was in 2006. Which means our form doesn’t really matters when we meet Nigeria, we always beat them.

Nigeria :nigeria: vs Ghana :ghana:

Head to head

Games - 49

Ghana wins - 21

Nigeria wins - 10

Draws - 18

Another good prediction right here. I don’t know why I’m also supporting Ghana Black Stars to qualify. One truth we must not run away from is, Ghana we’re very lucky we were drawn with Nigeria.
My predictions are,
Ghana :ghana:
Senegal :senegal:
Algeria :algeria:
Morocco :morocco:
Tunisia :tunisia:

@Emp_Sel to be honest count Gh out kraaa

I have a feeling Ghana will qualify too. Even though, I stopped supporting Black Stars for long now but they have my support to beat Nigeria anyway.

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Nigerians have proven themselves worthy of being in the final qualifiers. They have a long way to go. For our Ghana Black Stars, every match played has proven that we are not ready for this tournament. I believe that there is a possible chance for us to win against Nigeria but…

Now that Nigeria was beaten by Tunisia, I have hope that we will win them at the qualifiers. Ghana all the way :ok_hand:t6::ok_hand:t6::ok_hand:t6:.

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We have another supporter right here. I also believe we can despite our bad performance in the ongoing AFCON.

If only our people can learn from their mistakes, we will do wonders in the World Cup. What’s the update on the new coach?

For now, the Ghana Football Association is considering naming Ibrahim Tanko, Otto Addo or Kwesi Appiah as interim coach of the Black Stars after sacking Milovan. Ibrahim Tanko is the favourite and he said he’ll like Otto Addo to be his Assistant whiles GFA also want to appoint a crucial person in Asante Kotoko SC as the Assistant to him, Ibrahim Tanko.

Kwesi Appiah did great with the black stars in the World Cup. What happened to him?

Lol. I mentioned this ago. Ghana doesn’t believe in their own, they want only “white” things. Gyimie. Kwesi Appiah was bettor than this Milo guy!

Yeah he did great compared to C. K Akonnor and Milovan or whatever his name is.

It’s not really about we not believing in our own. The problem will continue even if Ghanaian coaches takes over. What needs to be done is, dissolving the entire GFA. Right after that, we need to believe in our homegrown coaches and then we will see the kind of change we’ve being dreaming to have after our 2006-2010 performances.

Oh he’s far better. We think everything “European” is better than ours.

@siaw, @Emp_Sel, @Syrupkuv, @Atinga, @Aharon you guys need to see this.
The AFCON finals is now between
Senegal :senegal: vs Egypt :egypt:
Sadio Mane vs Mohammed Salah

And the World Cup qualifies is also between these two countries. What a game ahead of us. I simply can’t wait to watch these matches.


Hahaha. And Egypt is winning the finals on Sunday. Yesterday was something else. Cameroun got what they deserve.

As for Cameroon, they were even lucky they reached this far. I wanted them to be kicked out of the tournament in group stages but they survived that.

I also support Egypt to win this tournament to push Mohammed Salah chance of winning the next Ballon D’or high. It’s been so long since an African won it and I’m hoping he wins the next.

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I support Senegal to win the trophy :trophy: