2022 Volkswagen Golf GTI review: Predictably top-notch

We have no choice but to warn you that this entire review is one big tease. The pair of 2022 Volkswagen GTIs we tested have German front license plates, a forewarning of sorts, since the eighth-gen GT is still months away from going on sale in the US, along with its higher-performance sibling, the Golf R. If you can keep it in your pants, though, the reward will be worth it because VW’s latest hot hatch is such a delight

There’s more revolution than evolution inside, and said revolution clearly came for the buttons, because they’re almost all gone. Touch-sensitive panels now cover the steering wheel and dashboard, eliminating nearly every piece of physical switchgear. Provided you’re cool with that, it makes for a clean, uncluttered look. While the general shape of the dashboard has changed, the interior feels just about as roomy as it did before, with ample glass making way for ample sunshine and strong visibility from all sides. The GTI’s plaid seats are back and just as comfortable and supportive as ever; leather is overrated, folks.

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Chale, see car ooo. Neat hwavy and durable. The agility and pace is also topartly notch. Volkswagen has done an amazing job on this one, it is enviable to see. I need to start saving for their next model of cars. I like them and will want to have one. Money is good ooo