20 bad Internet behaviours

Just got this from NordVPN in my email. Thought it’s worth sharing. I know most of you take some of these for granted.

Which of these are you guilty of? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Guilty of No.2 and 20, I just dont have the time for minor updates, but its really bad. But I make sure to take advantage of all major updates

Haha, I’m paranoid so I don’t give #20 a chance. If I’m not home, it’s a VPN or nothing. Got too used to it. Event at home I sometimes use a VPN. I am guilty of #17, aren’t we all, who reads those terms? No one. :grimacing:

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I dont read it all, but I sure do not install bloatware, somethings I am sure I dont want on my pc.

Thing about #20 is I dont usually use public wifi. I dont remember the last time I did anyway.

Understandable. In my case it’s because I used to travel a lot before COVID. Constantly switching hotels and parks meant I needed to get some sort of protection.

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Word! OPSEC on point! :slight_smile:

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@siaw which VPN software do you recommend please? I’m quite guilty of a number of them though

I used NordVPN. I think if you buy them now for a longer term they give you a huge discount. But most importantly, they don’t keep logs! And they are fast, way faster than HideMyAss. :rabbit2::dash:

No. 8, how I’m I supposed to upload files to the cloud? If it has to be encrypted, isn’t it the responsibility of the service provider? @siaw

Nope. The ISP is not responsible for your data security. Anyone can sniff data over the network. Depending on what you’re sending over the network, for security, you can either encrypt it or zip it with a password. Up to you. But of course not everything is worth all this hassle.

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