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16 emojis that you are using wrong: look at their true meaning

There are some icons that can lead to misunderstandings, either for cultural reasons or simply because their design is quite ambiguous.

Emojis have made it easier for us to express a long sentence with a single face. However, this is not always easy because there are some icons that can lead to misunderstandings, either for cultural reasons or simply because their design is quite ambiguous.

Some of these emojis that we misuse and tell us their true meaning, so from now on you will know exactly when to use one or the other, and you can help your friends communicate correctly.

We usually use this face when we indicate that we are angry. However, its meaning is not this. It is actually called “Face with look of triumph” and is used in a context of pride. This can be seen in some anime.

This face is called “Kissing Face” (Carita kissing) and, as the name says, it is sending a little kiss although some people also use it as if they were whistling.

Many confuse this emoji with a crying face, but if we look closely that kind of droplet comes out of his nose. If you follow any manganime, you are surely familiar with this face: it actually shows a person sleeping.

“Face with cold sweat” should be used in contexts where a person is having a hard time, such as “I screwed up quite a bit.”

This smiley is used in a similar way to the previous one, but its name is “Disappointed but relieved” (Disappointed but relieved), so it should be put in situations where you have gotten out of a good jam.

Follow the line of the previous one. It’s called “Relieved face” and, unlike the disappointed one, this emoji shows relief and happiness.

“Hugging face” should be used like that, a virtual hug, although there are people who also use it to try to calm things down.

This is one of the most ambiguous emojis. His name is “Persevering face” (Persevering face), although it seems that he can’t take it anymore and is about to explode.

This icon can be understood quite well, as “Tired face” shows tiredness and is used in such situations.

“Flushed face” is usually used in cases of surprise, but it actually refers to a person with shame.

This emoji has seen it all. Is bored. He is not interested in anything you are telling him.

It can give the impression that it is a waitress, but in reality it refers to a reception girl who gives you information.

This other emoji can give rise to many interpretations, such as surprise, putting your hands to your head or a hug. It’s actually called “Face with OK gesture,” so all it says is that you agree.

If you are familiar with Japanese culture, you will know exactly what it means. Many people use it to symbolize tiredness, but in reality it is a person bowing, either to ask for a favor or to apologize.

Many associate hands as a high five or even a gesture towards the heavens associated with religion, but it is actually an emoji to be used in cases of celebration.

Although it is a star and many believe that it refers to, precisely, a shooting star, “Dizzy symbol” means dizziness.

Did you know any of the true meanings?

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