13 Secret Codes That Unlock Hidden Features On Your Phone

  1. Field Mode

3001#12345# into your phones dialer and then press the green call button to access 'Field Mode, which can give you access to information about local network and cell towers.

2.General Test Mode:#0# I could only get this to work on Android.But this prompts a library of different phone operations, which could be operated with a single push (e.g sleep,front,cam, vibration).

3.display your IMEI:*#06# Here’s a code which I found out does not work with Verizon on an iPhone,but I could make it work after switching to a T-Mobile Sim it also worked on my Android AT&T advice as well.To access it, type in the above code,and then the green call button to prompt your IMEI number (or your international mobile station Equipment identity number, but you already knew that).

4.check your call forwarding *#67# this code allows you to check which number your phone is currently forwarding calls to when you’re busy or reject a call.

5.Get Even more info on Call Forwarding:*#61# on my galaxy phone,this code prompted a popo up that let me know how long until a call is forwarded to the message center.on the iPhone, regardless of carrier, this code just showed me the same information as *#67#

6.check your Available minutes:*646#: apparently this one only works on postpaid plans.

7.check your bill balance:*225#: once again,I couldn’t get this one to work on the iPhone,but on Android I did get it to prompt a sms messages with my current balance due.

8.Hide Your phone from caller id #31#: I could only get this to Android.

9.check your billing cycle *3282# once again,I could only get this to work on Android.

10.Sms message center 50057673#: This code will tell your sms messages center number.

11.Activatr call waiting*43# : This code will activate call waiting,you can deactivate it by entering #43#.

  1. Quick test menu (Samsung Galaxy Only)*#7353#: as far as I can tell,code only works on Samsung Galaxy modes (I tested it on my Samsung Galaxy S7 edge).this is similar to the general test mode mentioned earlier,in that it brings up a menu with number of one tap test prompts.

13.Firmware (Samsung Galaxy Only) *#1234#: once again, as far as I can tell, this only works on Galaxy devices.but it will let you know your phone’s current firmware.so have fun with that.